Friday, May 19, 2017


 This is the big review :)

I have after a couple of months finally inked my

It is so beautiful I was afraid I might damage it in
some way by using it.That was in no way true.
This is a pen I looked at from a distance
but never imagined I would own and write with.

This morning has been the morning.

The elegant tooling on the pen gives it a nice weight. The barrel is comfortably chubby. It has great balance on my hand. I do not like to post any cap. I used it this morning to write in my journal. I am a printer not a cursive writer so I am delighted with the smooth ink flow letter to letter. I used Diamine 1864 Blue Black ink. It has a med. nib which is excellent for writing; although, not the nib size I like for drawing. I use an EF nib for drawing.

I actually felt like writing with this
 pen this morning lifted up my
 journal to a level.

This pen was a gift from the folks at

Thank you! 

found a stencil