Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shoplet and Expo and Inkjoy and Sharpie

thank you Shoplet
Expo-Magnetic-Dry-Erase-Marker, is a fun choice when you are writing or drawing
on a white board and the markers keep trying to escape.
They are easy to use bright colours as you would expect
from Expo.

Expo-Dual-Ended-Dry-Erase-Markers,I liked these because there is a black end for each marker. I always run out of black first so this will mean longer drawing life on the white board.This is a very summer cheerful batch of markers to review.

finished drawing using both sets of markers.

Sharpie-Clear-View-Highlighters, these pens turned out to be a great combination of pens in my sketch book. Once dry the highlighters colour over each other well. The ink joy gel pen makes great dark black lines. It has smooth ink flow. It is comfortable to hold. 

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Friday, May 19, 2017


 This is the big review :)

I have after a couple of months finally inked my

It is so beautiful I was afraid I might damage it in
some way by using it.That was in no way true.
This is a pen I looked at from a distance
but never imagined I would own and write with.

This morning has been the morning.

The elegant tooling on the pen gives it a nice weight. The barrel is comfortably chubby. It has great balance on my hand. I do not like to post any cap. I used it this morning to write in my journal. I am a printer not a cursive writer so I am delighted with the smooth ink flow letter to letter. I used Diamine 1864 Blue Black ink. It has a med. nib which is excellent for writing; although, not the nib size I like for drawing. I use an EF nib for drawing.

I actually felt like writing with this
 pen this morning lifted up my
 journal to a level.

This pen was a gift from the folks at

Thank you! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Avery Ultra Tabs and Shoplet to the rescue

I feel so accomplished thanks to Shoplet.com and Avery Ultra Tabs I finally Have my binder of coloring pages organized! There are so many free downloads of pages 

it was past time to get them in order.

  to create some larger categories
Mandalas, Patterns, General
 pages  for ideas for
my own drawings. 
I then finished the binder with a divider for all
 the coloring pages I have completed. 

I then used the small, very handy
Avery Ultra Tabs  and the Avery Ultra Tabs,: two different, products both repositionable, to create sub groups with in my coloring pages so it will be easy to add to my collection.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Recycled paper Note books


Thank you Shoplet and House of Doolittle for these books to review.

Often when I am looking for a new notebook I will pass by the recycled paper. For a long time I did not find it sturdy enough for the abuse I can inflict on a page. That has changed with the house of doolittle planner and floral note books.

I don't go to a lot of meetings but I still love this planner. Great layout! Organized well for the note taker and the meeting doodler. Nice hard board covers. The metal spiral binding allows it to open flat. The recycled paper accepted pencil,coloured pencil, ballpoint pen, fountain pen and water based marker. It seems pretty durable, it has ridden in my pack the last few days and held up well.


Doodle Notes                                                                                                     
This is the notebook I will use for my next journal. I love the paper it has just a bit of tooth to it. The border around the edges of each page inspires doodling. Its overall size is great for dropping in my pack for a daily carry. It accepted all the types of pens I like to use.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

the colouring book and the fountain pen

Although the colouring book is a "thing" for adults,I never left it behind. It has always been as much a part of my creative process as the pen and a notebook. I often turn to a colouring book or a colouring page when I am in between drawing ideas. The process of colouring allows colour, line and pattern to flow with out the decision making process that often accompanies a drawing; composition ,proportion, intent. Colouring also offers the opportunity to get to know new tools. For the purpose of this post goldspot pens sent me a Kaweco Sport to try out. The pen is comfortable in my hand. It has excellent ink flow. I love it particularly for stippling. Most of the examples in this post are from an old colouring book  Images 5 by Roger Burrows.

The colouring book and the fountain pen join together in a creative process that blurs the line between colouring and drawing. I use the precision of the fine or extra fine nib to fill the spaces with stippling and other kinds of mark making. 

Colouring and the fountain pen are joined in a creative process of meditation and discovery. I think of colouring as a collaboration between the creator of the colouring book, the fountain pen and the kinds of marks it can make and myself to shape a complete and unique art work on paper.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sanford Bundle and #NationalColoringBookDay

collage of packaging of materials to review

This seems to be just the right day to write this review. Last week's Shoplet's twitter chat was all about colouring and colouring books. This week I am reviewing some pens and markers that are among some of the nicest I have used for colouring. Never overlook an office supply store for great colouring tools and colouring books :)

pencil and pen joy

PaperMate Pens:300 RT These pens are very smooth. They have intense colours.The colours actually blend well which is fun for a ball point pen. They are very comfortable in the hand. Excellent ink flow.


                                       PaperMate Mechanical Pencils
                                       This pencil is excellent for sketching.The soft HB lead is
                                       smooth and gentle.  I also think it would be great for little
                                        hands which are just learning to write.

Sharpie Markers: Electro Pop Sharpie markers are always great the colours always vibrante. This pack does not disappoint. You should always be mindful that the sharpies bleed through on most paper.

 PaperMate Correction Tape
This turned out to be the treat of the review items this week. The tape is easy to handle and was great for both creating with line on the page as well as colouring over the tape to change a colour in the design.

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found a stencil