Monday, April 10, 2017

Avery Ultra Tabs and Shoplet to the rescue

I feel so accomplished thanks to and Avery Ultra Tabs I finally Have my binder of coloring pages organized! There are so many free downloads of pages 

it was past time to get them in order.

  to create some larger categories
Mandalas, Patterns, General
 pages  for ideas for
my own drawings. 
I then finished the binder with a divider for all
 the coloring pages I have completed. 

I then used the small, very handy
Avery Ultra Tabs  and the Avery Ultra Tabs,: two different, products both repositionable, to create sub groups with in my coloring pages so it will be easy to add to my collection.

Finally follow these links to all the
 great things 
can help you with.

found a stencil