Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shoplet and Expo and Inkjoy and Sharpie

thank you Shoplet
Expo-Magnetic-Dry-Erase-Marker, is a fun choice when you are writing or drawing
on a white board and the markers keep trying to escape.
They are easy to use bright colours as you would expect
from Expo.

Expo-Dual-Ended-Dry-Erase-Markers,I liked these because there is a black end for each marker. I always run out of black first so this will mean longer drawing life on the white board.This is a very summer cheerful batch of markers to review.

finished drawing using both sets of markers.

Sharpie-Clear-View-Highlighters, these pens turned out to be a great combination of pens in my sketch book. Once dry the highlighters colour over each other well. The ink joy gel pen makes great dark black lines. It has smooth ink flow. It is comfortable to hold. 

Remember Shoplet.com for all your
creative and business needs or both :)

found a stencil