Monday, September 19, 2016

the colouring book and the fountain pen

Although the colouring book is a "thing" for adults,I never left it behind. It has always been as much a part of my creative process as the pen and a notebook. I often turn to a colouring book or a colouring page when I am in between drawing ideas. The process of colouring allows colour, line and pattern to flow with out the decision making process that often accompanies a drawing; composition ,proportion, intent. Colouring also offers the opportunity to get to know new tools. For the purpose of this post goldspot pens sent me a Kaweco Sport to try out. The pen is comfortable in my hand. It has excellent ink flow. I love it particularly for stippling. Most of the examples in this post are from an old colouring book  Images 5 by Roger Burrows.

The colouring book and the fountain pen join together in a creative process that blurs the line between colouring and drawing. I use the precision of the fine or extra fine nib to fill the spaces with stippling and other kinds of mark making. 

Colouring and the fountain pen are joined in a creative process of meditation and discovery. I think of colouring as a collaboration between the creator of the colouring book, the fountain pen and the kinds of marks it can make and myself to shape a complete and unique art work on paper.

found a stencil