Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sanford Bundle and #NationalColoringBookDay

collage of packaging of materials to review

This seems to be just the right day to write this review. Last week's Shoplet's twitter chat was all about colouring and colouring books. This week I am reviewing some pens and markers that are among some of the nicest I have used for colouring. Never overlook an office supply store for great colouring tools and colouring books :)

pencil and pen joy

PaperMate Pens:300 RT These pens are very smooth. They have intense colours.The colours actually blend well which is fun for a ball point pen. They are very comfortable in the hand. Excellent ink flow.


                                       PaperMate Mechanical Pencils
                                       This pencil is excellent for sketching.The soft HB lead is
                                       smooth and gentle.  I also think it would be great for little
                                        hands which are just learning to write.

Sharpie Markers: Electro Pop Sharpie markers are always great the colours always vibrante. This pack does not disappoint. You should always be mindful that the sharpies bleed through on most paper.

 PaperMate Correction Tape
This turned out to be the treat of the review items this week. The tape is easy to handle and was great for both creating with line on the page as well as colouring over the tape to change a colour in the design.

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