Friday, June 19, 2015

Schneider Pens from

Schneider Xpress Porous Point Pen
Slider Memo XB

Slider Memo XB
Slider Memo XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen

 Schneider Pens from These pens are a real treat. If I had been shopping I might have over looked them because of their wide tip. I do a lot of drawing with ball point pens and most often search the shelves and web pages for fine and extra fine tips. I discovered That I like the ink coverage of these wider tips. I tested them on two different types of paper, A soft, textured handmade paper and a smooth fountain pen paper. These pens were excellent on both papers.
The best feature of these pens is their shape and texture in my hand.
They are very comfortable. The plastic feels both firm and soft at the same time.
The only draw back is that a pen this comfortable is not refillable.

Slider Edge 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen
Slider Ballpoint Pen

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