Thursday, October 8, 2015

Maco Dissolvable Labels review for

The fun of reviewing office supplies is that they are often very versatile products. The package for these Maco Dissolvable Labels
picture primarily kitchen use. ( I don't cook) So I have put them to work in my studio. On the right are pictures of a label I used to mark a wood drawer where I store pens; little or no cleaning supplies were needed to remove that label. It came off with just a little window cleaner. As shown on my coffee cup just water rinsed the label off.  

              The Maco labels are very printer friendly. No challenge setting them up.  Maco labels did not leave an adhesive track in the printer. The small Maco labels are best suited for hand writing labels. They have

a non- coated surface.  There is a little bit of feathering when using a wide tip marker. Ball point pen worked very well.  I give these label very high marks. They are especially useful where frequent reorganizing is needed.

found a stencil