Thursday, August 20, 2015

Laser Print Office Paper/Shoplet Review

Thank you to, office supplies, medical suppliescleaning suppliesoffice furniture for the opportunity to try out the Laser Print Office Paper. The printer that I used for this review is an HP 1020. Black and white printer. It is old but very reliable.

As an artist I am always looking for nice paper to print my drawings and this Hammermill Laser Print  is an excellent choice. It has a smooth surface.Receives the ink well. I ran a sheet a couple of times through the printer and there was no jamming or wrinkling. Sometimes I print drawings out and use markers to add colour. There is a  sample image below. This paper is very good for use with markers. This paper is several steps up  from the standard copier paper: heavier and more versatile. It has a bright white finish. Great for those snappy reports people have to deliver.

I'll just continue to draw :)                                                            

                                                                 thanks for stopping by.

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