Monday, April 20, 2015

Shoplet Pentel Review

                       They have arrived! 
It is an envelope filled 
with colour and drawing tool joy.

This is one of my "go-to" pens. The black is rich and dark. The ink flow is smooth even on this textured rag paper. I love the weight of this pen in my hand.It is a heavy pen making it feel like a more expensive pen. The alloy has some texture on the barrel for a relaxed feel in my hand.


This is not the first twist and click, for me and will not be the last. It has nice weight and shape in my hand. It is reliable and wears well over time.


These pens are the real treat from the envelope! The ink has smooth even flow. They feel great in my hand. The colour stays wet long enough to blend the colours. My only disappointment is that they appear to be nonrefillable.
They are however, made from recycled materials. In fact I like them so much I have added them to my every day carry roll. That is the picture I close this post with.


found a stencil