Thursday, March 6, 2014

Furrow Beta test, post no.1

 I am very happy to be doing this for the Zeller Writing Company. This is their new line of notebooks. I received this in the mail last night. I want to share some first impressions as I begin the journey of filling a new notebook.As many of you know my joy is to fill a book cover to cover and this one will be no different. What Is different is that I started in the middle. The book is pamphlet bound with staples, as a book maker that is one disappointment I prefer the binding to be sewn not stapled, as over time staples rust and tear the paper.( I will re-sew mine.)

 The paper is smooth with just a little tooth, it has taken
pencil,gel ink and rapid-o-graph ink well so far.The cover is 
a lightweight card stock I look forward to making it a bit
 more personal this weekend.Please check in as this journey

found a stencil