Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Officemate review

out of the box


ready to draw

The first of the two products is the Officemate-Recycled-Rotary-Organizer. I was quite pleased with it. It has enough storage space to clean up all the pens and pencils and stuff from the top of the drawing table. The challenge for me is to keep using it!

It tuns easily. I was surprised that it had as much space as it does. It has a good space for odd sized and shaped art supplies. I would recommend this product and I feel  environmentally correct that is is made from recycled materials.

Officemate-Portable-Dry-Erase-Clipboard-Case is the next product on the list. As with all the product I review it is through the filter of an artist. I have set this up for use for some of my zentangle and arthouse co-op projects.


I am finding this to be an excellent lap desk. The smooth dry erase surface is a great drawing surface. I would have liked a couple of compartments that are pen size otherwise I really like this product


found a stencil