Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Westcott sissors

 I want to thank Erin at thebrightowl for
the zendala tiles that I cut up and used to make a collage for this review.

When I opened the package I was very excited to
try out the mouse shaped cutter. It felt great to hold but sadly that was where the fun stopped. It is good for cutting straight lines but terrible for any curves.

 Next up were the grown up scissors  They are excellent. They cut well and smoothly did not bind.
I was not quite as happy with the long pointy shape.
They were comfortable to grip.

 The best is for last the kids scissors!  I liked them the best. They were easy to use to cut around curves. They are comfortable to hold. Although they are made with kids in mind I think many grown-ups would like them too.

Finally, either of the Westcott scissors would make a great addition to an artist's set of tools. The mouse cutter would be best 
left with the gift wrapping materials.

found a stencil