Saturday, September 15, 2012

shoplet and zebra

package arrives :) welcome my Zebra friend
Thank you to and ZebraPens for the pens for this review.
Zebra-Zmulsion-EX- Ballpoint-Pen black and green
Zebra-F-301- Retractable-Ballpoint Pen and Pencil

This review is done for the evaluation of the above pens and pencil
 as drawing tools.
 So I begin as I always do with a pencil
drawing. I found the F-301 comfortable in my hand,
 I like the textured grip.
 It is light and best suited for a small hand. 
Since my drawings are filled with detail
 my favorite part of this pencil is the small eraser that
 allows for the removal of small lines.

With the pencil drawing complete I move on to the
 inking process. The F-301 was smooth and excellent for
 the fine line work. I the tip is fine and works very well 
for the fine lines. Like its companion pencil. It is narrow
 and sized well for a smaller hand.
 I like its light weight and its textured grip.
The ink flow is very smooth.

Starting in the center of the drawing 
with  the Zmultion.
 The ink flow is smooth and soft. 
I did find as I moved deeper into
the drawing that the ink glopped a bit.
Any one drawing with this pen
should be mindful that the lines need a few seconds to dry
or your hand could smudge the lines. 
This is a fatter barrel pen and great 
for larger hands. The thing I like best
about it is the dark black
 color of the ink: Rich and velvety.

Then I went for my favorite pen
of the test group. The green Zmultion! I love the color!!!
The ink flow is not quite as smooth as the black. 
It did still glop just a bit but overall was responsive.
But this pen it is the color that
sets it apart, I could achieve a large range
of shading with it.

I finally finished the drawing with some
added color, a red and orange Z-grip.
These pens are the basic colors in my
arsenal of pens, and they did not let me down. These pens were part of the packege from and Zebra. They do skip
just a bit while trying to cover some of the larger areas of the drawing.

Finally, if you are looking for
pens with a good feel and you want to mix up the grip just
bit during your drawing 
you can't miss with this selection of Zebra pens.

found a stencil