Friday, February 26, 2016

shoplet and pilot

Thank you to Shoplet and Pilot for these excellent pens to review!

For this review I went to one of my old colouring books, Images 5 by Roger Burrows. I used all the Acroball pens to finish one page in the colouring book. I thought it would be a good way to see the pens in action beside each other. I often use gel pens and ball point pens to colour and draw with.

Each of these pens have smooth ink flow and line quality. The colour is deep and consistent. The biggest difference among the pens is the thickness and comfort of the barrel. My favorite is the pure white fine tip. It is comfortable in my hand.The Hybrid ink, a mix of ball point and gel ink makes it excellent to draw and colour with.

 My next favorite are the colors pens. They are just the right size for my hand. the ink flow is consistent. The colours are all sharp. These pens also feature a combo gel/ball point ink.

The pro pens are just a little narrow to be in my favorite category. But the function of the pens are very consistent with the colour pens.They have the mixed ink, and I would recommend them for smaller hands that prefer a narrow sleek pen

Finally, there is the Dr. Grip frosted. I love the colour. If you like a fat pen this is the pen for you. The refills are easy to get. Perfect ink flow andline quality.This is new to the Shoplet line up and like other Dr.Grip pens should be kept close so no one takes it from you desk, by "mistake".

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