Thursday, November 5, 2015

Clean Up

Smead Redrope TUFF File Pockets and a bonus item, the 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folder

messy pile of drawings
I enjoy doing theses reviews for Shoplet Office supplies. Sometimes the thing I am reviewing arrives just when I most need it. If you should need Cleaning supplies or Medical supplies they have those too. What I needed was a simple organizational tool.This is what this folder is. It is made by Smead, SMD73380 and bonus file folder too, SMD11905. The folder is a heavy duty accordion bottom file perfect for the pile of drawings that have been cluttering my drawing table. I love that it is simple in colour and form, not designer, just utilitarian. It is of sturdy construction and will keep the pages from being folded and torn. The compartments in the bonus folder accommodate the different size drawings. The bonus folder slides easily into the big folder. It could hold a couple of more bonus folders but for me this arrangement is just right. Thank you for helping clean up a bit.

neatly stored

order on the drawing table restored

drawings filed and in their place

found a stencil