Tuesday, January 6, 2015


 Week #2 paper samples have been found!
The Clairefontaine Triomphe it a nice white. It does have some tooth. I used ball point pen, copic markers, rapid-o-graph and fountain pen on this paper. It is not the best for markers, there is bleed through and feathering on the edges.

On the Clairefontaine Graf It I used the same pens with a similar result. The whit of the page is not quite as bright a white. I found the paper to be a bit rough compared to Rhodia papers.  This did cause the very fine tip of the rapid-o-graph pen to pick up tiny bits of paper fuzz.

The G Lalo Stationery (white) I added coloured pencil to the mix. This paper actually has a cream tone to it. The surface has  a lot of texture. If I were a letter writer I would love this paper. However, for drawing it has too much surface pattern for most of my regular work.

On all three drawings I did begin them with pencil which is the best tool for these papers. Over all I liked these papers but I might limit my use of them to pencil drawings and letter writing.

found a stencil