Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ink Review

Thank you to Bertram's Inkwell for the Faber-Castell ink to review.
It has been a delightful afternoon.

Hazelnut Brown, Moss Green, Colbalt Blue, Carbon Black, Stone Grey, Garnet Red, this is the order in which I tested them. As with any review the reviewer has her own perspective. My perspective is almost always about how much  I like the ink in the context of a drawing.

For this review I will be using my three TWSBI pens one mini ef, and two 540's, one ef, one medium.

The paper I used for this review is a Furrow notebook.

         In the above photo each leaf will be in each of the colours received.
 Over all this ink receives high marks for flow and colour quality.

The first ink is Hazelnut  brown it is a warm brown.


The next colour is Moss Green, a very rich dark green.

The Colalt Blue has an amazing intensity which grows deeper as I layer in the lines.


 This maybe my favourite colour of this group. It is a Carbon Black which captures the tone of the carbon black printmaking ink.



           Stone Grey has a delightful graphite tone.


Finally, there in the Garnet Red, red sometimes is worrisome because it can be intense, this red is just my color.


                     All of these would be a sound edition to anyone's ink collection.




found a stencil