Friday, April 26, 2013

Tops and shoplet review

It is always fun to try out new notebooks. These books are made by Tops.
There is a Tops-Idea-Collective-Journal, this small journal is a delightful little book. It accepts fountain pen ink well. The paper has a little tooth which makes it a great writing surface. I look forward to filling this book with tons of ideas:)

The second notebook that I tried was the Tops-Idea-Collective-Notebooks. I used ballpoint pen, pencil, and fountain pen on it the paper received all of the inks well. Like the small journal the paper has some tooth which made writing on it very nice.The colour of the paper is a grayish mat and so there is little glare. I think this book is a great alternative to the standard spiral notebook. There are no rings to interfere with your wrist or hand while writing.
I like the black cover it had just a little texture.

The final books I tried were two note taking pads. I preferred the smaller pad because that is the size I take to meetings;Tops-Cornell-Note-Taking-System-Legal-Pad. Although I am not the best note taker I do find the pre-printed guide very helpful. It is possible I could become better at taking notes:)
(ever hopeful)

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