Thursday, October 4, 2012

shoplet and pilot

The box of goodies arrived!

This was a very colorful box to receive :)
I was looking forward to getting to know two new pens and to
spending some time with an old friend. As with my last review
or any pen review it is from the perspective of pens as drawing tools rather
than writing instruments.
Pilot G2 Gel Roller Ball Pen
Pilot B2P Recycled Ballpoint Pen
Pilot FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen

On the left is the drawing I did using all three pens and the highlighter. I loved the texture of the paper that that the packing list was printed on so I used it to demo the pens.

The top part of the drawing is the Pilot FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen pen. I found it smooth and easy to control the line quality. The ink absorbed nicely into the paper and I was a bit skeptical about the possibility of the lines being able to erase  I was pleasantly surprised...(see detail below)

The middle of the drawing was done with the Pilot B2P Recycled Ballpoint Pen. It really appealed to me because of its look and its recycled materials construction. I was very happy with the line quality. It was very smooth. It had a nice feel in my hand.

The final part of the drawing was done with the Pilot G2 Gel Roller Ball Pen. It has long been a favorite pen for me. It has a rich dark black. The ink flow is smooth. it is great for filling in large dark areas in a drawing. The point is a bit wide for some of the detail I like to include in my drawings.

Finally the Pilot Frixion Lite Erasable Highlighter   a pen type I do not use often, but I do like the width and firmness of the tip. I was happy to discover that the yellow was bright but not intense. I like its eraser as seen in the detail above.

Finally, the dry erase markersPilot Be Green Dry Erase Marker. I hope you can see the stages of the drawing in
the picture above. This part of the review was quite fun. I liked the color of the markers bright and joyful. I was not aware of a strong "marker" odor which I think is a plus.   The tip was not too wide for me to easily draw on my small 8 1/2 x 11 white board. I also received a red refilRefill for Pilot Be Green for one of these markers. It looks simple to use but I did not open it as I was not ready to use it yet.

The markers also erased very well.

Over all there was not anything in this box of goodies that I would not recommend :)

found a stencil