Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pen review gone wrong

I was delighted to discover when I arrived home and I had an envelope from JetPens My first pen review,

After dinner I would sit down and start a drawing with my new pen. As we were eating I counted the dogs in the kitchen and the puppy was missing. Too late I returned to the tv room and found the brand new pen had become a wonderful chew toy...aaahhhhhhhhhhh!

What to do? What to review? The wonderful shape, the color, the drawings it might have done? I did the only thing I could think of make it the subject of a drawing.

So before the drawing it nested with its zebra and JetPens cousins.
It almost looked whole.

The wounded pen served as a stencil for the background of the pen portrait.

In the end the the chewer and the chewed settled in for the evening. Perhaps, the next chance I have to review a pen I will be able to tell you how much fun it was to draw with. Thank you JetPens, Belle is sorry, but she liked the chew toy.

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found a stencil